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Natural Therapies

At NaTtural herapies Solutions we are dedicated to the research, application and teaching of natural therapies in an integrative manner worldwide. For us it is all about aiding individuals on their path back to their very own balance and equilibrium: Physical, mental and emotional, as well as about personal growth.

We encourage the integration of modern and natural medicine and specialise in providing natural, safe and effective complementary treatments to both individuals and organisations/corporations around the world.

Issues such as Stress, substance abuse, anxiety, sleep disorders, fears and phobias, self esteem issues, loss and beverement, distresful states caused by divorce and separations as well as more serious and cronic diseases can be addressed by complementary methods focusing on improving individuals quality of life.

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The mind is the most sensitive organ of the body.Dr. E. Bach,
It's not what you do..., but from where, from what level of awareness you do.J. Figueroa,
It is far more important what comes out of your mouth, what comes through it.Buddhist proverb,