What is Reiki?

José Figueroa con Fuminori Aoki Sensei en Japón (verano 2011)

José Figueroa con Fuminori Aoki Sensei en Japón (verano 2011)

The word ‘Reiki’ is Japanese and means “vital universal energy”. ‘REI’ refers to universal energy, which according to the Eastern Traditions, rules the intrinsic mechanisms of life and the natural processes. ‘KI’ refers to the vital individual energy that is present in every living being. This vital energy is the base of well known medical modalities such as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

The Reiki treatment brings together both energies. The Reiki therapist applies this energy in a variety of ways, in order to administer it to the body of the patient. Most commonly, hands are used through gentle touch. Therefore helping to balance his/ her energy and harmonize body, mind and emotions.

In a healthy person energy flows through their physical body and across all their organs and cells, regulating the vital functions. In an unbalanced person, through illness or mental/ emotional issues, this energy is hindered from flowing freely and this can affect specific organs and bodily functions.

During a Reiki Treatment, the therapist will cover all affected organs/body parts of the patient as well as will give a more general treatment in order to induce a general estate of well being and relaxation. The purpose of this is to treat directly affected organs or body parts while helping restore the general fluid of vital energy.

In Japan its usage is widespread in the medical world, while hundreds of hospitals in Europe and America have Reiki programs implemented for both staff and patient care.

In the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, Reiki is part of the National Health Service.

Since 2000, Reiki is recognised and approved by the WHO.

What is Advanced Reiki?

Advanced Reiki is above all a comprenhensive, deep yet again simple, and Intuitive down to earth approach to energy healing.

It also contains a wealth of information for both practical therapeutical usage and personal growth and development, if you want to explore the ancient energy traditions, the spiritual heritage of the japanese shinto, buddhist and taoist universe while understanding how they fit with the clasical esoteric and teurgical traditions and its every day usage, both as an effective no nonsense therapeitic art and a way of living and personal growth. This is for you.

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What are the usages of Advanced Reiki and how does it work?

  • Reiki can produce a profound estate of relaxation, can reduce all different types of stress, and provides a better quality of life to the individual.
  • It can boost immunity.
  • It is recommended for states of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders among others.
  • It works on the cellular level of tissue, muscle, organs and bones.
  • It is used in the USA and European hospitals before surgery, including heart surgery as it is observed that it helps individuals recover faster and has a very positive effect on the usual postoperative complications.
  • It increases the defences in oncology patients.
  • Reduces the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

These are just some of the prestigious USA and European hospitals where Reiki is applied:

  • Hopital Gregorio Marañón (Madrid)
  • Hospital 12 de Octubre (Madrid)
  • Anderson Clinic (Houston)
  • Middleex Hospital (UK)
  • Hartford Hospital (USA)

Very important

Reiki is not a substitute to conventional medicine, the same that conventional medicine can not achieve what Reiki does. Both approaches work on different levels and have a common objective: help individuals overcome the difficulties during their vital cycle.

A Reiki therapist does not issue diagnoses. You must always consult your doctor and follow his/her instructions, then you can also receive Reiki in order to help your process and enjoy a better quality of life and well being.