What are 'The Bach Flowers'?

Dr. Bach

“The Bach Flower Therapy” developed more than 80 years ago by English doctor and researcher, Edward Bach, is one of the most interesting phenomena of contemporary natural medicine.

It is based on a concept missing in western traditional medicine: the links that exist between thoughts and emotions and the actual manifestation of the disease, considering that any disease presents an emotional and psychological element.

The medicine dominated by chemistry and technology may be able to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, but not its causes.

Flores de Bach - SignificadoDr Bach’s healing method is based on the fact that the disease is not only the result of corporal upheavals but that it has also its origin in negative feelings and attitudes that block our vital energy.

The strongpoint of The Bach Flower Therapy is that it normalizes psychic upheavals, resolves internal conflicts just as it improves physical pain rooted in reconcilable psychic causes or concomitant symptoms.

The Bach Flower Therapy not only harmonizes the psychic and physical treatment of all types of diseases – we definitely recommend it alongside with any medical treatment – but also helps people to take care of their health and live a healthy live, since they stabilize and eliminate psychic weak points.