Soul lessons: a course on transpersonal psychology, bach flowers and the workings of the human soul

Module A: Love, Sexuality and Family Relationships

In this course the archetypal relationships in the family, in the romantic couple and in sexuality, as well as of course in the general system of Doctor Bach, will be explored in depth.

This workshop is a unique tool for:

  • Understand and relate floral archetypes in depth in people and their vital situations.
  • How to pass page in the relationships of pair, to discover and to avoid the repetition of emotional patterns in the affective relations, surpassing them and becoming aware of them.
  • Understand toxic family patterns and work them out thoroughly.


  • Discover how to prepare both oral and cream Bach Flowers to unlock and enhance female orgasm and male sexual potency.
  • You will learn to efficiently unlock deep sexual archetypes that prevent people from allowing themselves to enjoy their body and their relationships.

Module B: Self-esteem, assertiveness, fears, phobias, addictions, personal fulfillment and work stress

Discover a unique and effective method to quickly identify the personality, character and real circumstance that affect the lives of your customers at the floral level:

  • Situations of psychological abuse and how to solve them with the floral therapy.
  • Chronic self-esteem and assertiveness problems.
  • Understand the real fears of people, even though they themselves are not aware of them.
  • Treats all types of addictions successfully, identifying their root.
  • Understand and solve the work and professional stress of your clients, deepening the subject of personal fulfillment.
  • The Bach Flowers reach the areas where other therapies do not reach, in a permanent and lasting way.
  • You will learn the keys of the interview and couching to clients.

Module C: Chronic Diseases

Prior to this module it is necessary to have previously attended both the modules A and B.

  • This is a module designed to deepen the knowledge of the floral archetypes, the human suffering at the level of character and vital circumstance that appears in the pictures of chronic diseases of all kinds, which today are so common.
  • If we can understand the mental and emotional suffering of individuals suffering from these diseases we can, through floral therapy, give them effective tools to alleviate their suffering.

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